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Auction 2020

The Doula Collective of Newfoundland and Labrador is excited to host an online Facebook auction in support of the Sabiha Fund, our doula care subsidy program for families in need of financial assistance. Bidding will be open from from November 14th to 21st, making this a great opportunity to take care of some of your holiday shopping or to treat yourself to some of the wonderful items we have available! The Collective would like to extend a huge thank you to the many local businesses, artisans, and other doula supporters who have donated wonderful items in support of the Sabiha Fund. Each item sold helps a family in our province access professional birth support.

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All bidding will occur within this group by commenting on the photo of the item(s).

 Bids will be accepted in whole dollar increments (e.g. no fifty cent bids).


For multiple bids placed close to the auction closing time, the last bid received before 9 p.m according to Facebook will be considered the winning bid.

Payment Agreement:

Payment must be made in full within 72 hours after the auction closes. If payment is not received within 72 hours, the item(s) will be offered to the next highest bidder.

Making Payment:


Item Pickup: 

Please message us on the main Doula Collective of NL page to arrange a pickup of your winning item.

More about the Sabiha Fund:

Sabiha was a sweet baby girl who could not stay in this world. Her name means, among other things, "a beauty that touches many." Her parents decided to celebrate her life and the gifts she gave them by giving to others. Because they believe so strongly in every birthing person’s right to choose their own birthing scenario, doula accessibility, and supporting family friendly birth culture, they decided this program should be the beneficiary. To honour their patronage and their journey, it is with deepest respect that we have named "The Sabiha Fund."

The Sabiha Fund is a doula care subsidy program for families in need of financial assistance. Anyone experiencing financial need may apply to the Sabiha Fund, proposing the contribution they could conceivably make towards doula fees. The DCNL will match that amount from the Sabiha Fund and help pair each family with a doula according to present availability and other compatibility criteria.

The Sabiha Fund is fueled entirely by donations from generous community partners just like you. Give today, to share a gift that will radiate outwards to local expectant parents and make a profound impact on their lives. Here's to quality support for all parents, during childbirth and beyond!

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